Tricks of the Trade - How to stop cut apples turning brown on the edges

Tricks of the Trade - #1
How do I stop cut apples going brown?

Yes, I know, you're saying that's easy - just use lemon juice.  And yes, there is some truth in this old wives tale that lemon juice will stop apples turning brown.   The thing is, when you're working with cut fruit to make fruit bouquets professionally, you need them to be the crispiest, juicy apples with the whitest of 'flesh' showing.

Lemon juice is good, but it doesn't keep the apple completely free of brown.  I found something much more effective in making my cut apples (which I then dip in chocolate and decorate) the whitest they can be without adding any harmful chemicals.

Watch my helpful Tricks of the Trade video number 1 to get the low down on what to use to stop your cut apples going brown.