How Much Money Can I Expect To Make From My Fruit Bouquet Business?

The great thing about starting a fruit bouquet business is that your income potential is entirely in your hands – dependent on how much time you devote to the business, the amount of marketing activity you undertake and of course your existing experience and contacts.

Costs:  What I can tell you is that your average gross profit is approximately 65% (when you take out direct costs such as fruit and sundries) - well, that's what you should be working towards to each fruit bouquet you design and make. That’s great for a business with very little outgoings and on-going costs - especially if you're based from home.

Income:  Your average sale price for a fruit bouquet is likely to be between around £20 and £55 per product, meaning that your ‘gross profit’ should typically be somewhere between £13.60 and £35.75 per product.   So, how many fruit bouquets are you going to sell? Well, that’s really up to you – and it will depend on many factors. But let me give you an example business plan by way of illustration: (Please remember that these figures are for illustration only. They are not a guarantee of sales volume or earnings.

• A typical wedding order can be for £350 – and you might decide to plan to do at least one wedding each month. That’s £4,200 per year. Wedding Exhibitions are a great way of generating leads and orders.  

• Seasonal events – Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter are all big gift giving opportunities and this is certainly when you can double and even triple your usual monthly order quotas – you could generate up to 200 orders at Christmas. An example would be 200 fruit bouquets at an average cost of £30 (profit £20 each). That would generate a turnover of £6,000 and a profit of £3,900.

• Special birthdays, Bar Mitzvah’s, Thank You and Get Well Soon etc. might be in your plan to generate, in total, say an average of 10 sales per month; At £30 per fruit bouquet, that would be £300 per month (£3,600 per year turnover).

• Word of mouth and Networking can bring in a great deal of business – especially if you get your business cards circulating in the right circles! You might decide to plan for an extra 10 sales per month from this source, for example. £100 turnover per month = £1,200 per year.

 • Then you’ve got the Corporate and Event market. A single order here can range from 30 orders to 60 orders per event. So, from the corporate/event market you could estimate about 10 events per year. That could produce a turnover of anything from £4,500 - £9,000 p.a.

You can see from this example how you could be producing an average of 40 orders per month – on a very part-time basis and realistically within four to six months of starting your business from scratch. You could aim to do more than this – or a lot less. It’s entirely up to you.

These figures are NO GUARANTEE of earnings. But from the business plan example given above, you could expect a turnover of £19,500 to £24,000. One thing is for sure, this is an exciting emerging market in the UK and one that is ‘blooming’ in the USA.

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